Simple Life

Even though I now call the world’s 17th largest city home, I am living a simpler life in Argentina than I was in the United States. I am learning to live without many of the luxuries people in the US are accustomed to and deem necessary; I have less “stuff” and I’m happier because of that. The go-go, buy-buy, no-time mentality in the US no longer suits me.

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Besides living with less, I have also jumped on the Do-It-Yourself, reduce-reuse-repurpose lifestyle. I am relishing in the satisfaction that comes with doing and creating things on your own and not relying on products sold to us by advertising execs and celebrities. I am learning to be more self-sufficient. I also find I am spending less money by choosing natural, often traditional options, and I know I am being more kind to this organic orb we call Earth.

Most importantly, I am finding that the simple things in life are bringing me greater joy. I am a pleasure-seeking human, after all!
Here is an archive of my attempts, successful or not, at voluntary simplicity and of making a difference where I can:


Face and Body

Trying Something New– The start of the Honey Face Wash Challenge and why I don’t want to use “normal” face wash any more.
The Honey Challenge Part 1– The benefits of honey and where to find some quality honey in Buenos Aires.
The Honey Challenge part 2– The method of washing with honey and my first week’s results.



[Coming soon]


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