September 24th, 2010 is a pivotal day in this story: I followed my heart and made a clandestine trip southbound. It was a little scary, supremely eye opening, and the most  rewarding choice I have ever made. With my new, crisp passport in hand, I departed a drizzly college-town in Oregon and arrived in a sunny Buenos Aires, Argentina, 24 hours later. With tired legs and a thoughtful mind I forced my body to make the 8k mile return trip just three days after. My heart, however, resolutely stayed behind. I vowed to repair my soul and return to the loves of my life- a man, a city, a country, a culture.

Thus was born the beginning of my Argentine Adventure. Within seven months I had sold and donated the majority of my possessions, quit my job, kissed my friends and family until next time, and relocated to Capital Federal. My goals here are to learn Spanish, finish my degrees, become a better writer, and experience things I only dreamed possible. Let this Argentina Adventure serve as an allegory for a life full of passion, dreams, and action.



The content of this site will be of the standard-issue, personal/travel blog type. I am not deluding myself in thinking that I will be presenting anything particularly innovative, nor that my experiences are anything unique. I enjoy writing for pleasure, and, as a means in achieving my goal of improved communication, I plan to use this blog as both a journal and a sounding board. Some of the points I aim to document, organized into categories:

  • Mind: current events, education, points to ponder, rants
  • Eyes: photos/videos of interest
  • Mouth: language
  • Heart: love life, art, music
  • Belly: food and beverages, restaurants, recipes
  • Legs: sports, physical activity

I encourage you to join in my musings: leave a comment, tell your story, ask a question… whatever your heart desires!




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for commenting earlier on Seashells and Sunflowers. I’m so glad you did because your comment led me to your blog. I poked around a bit, and I think I’m going to like it here. ;) I added you to my feed reader so I could follow along.

    • And I thank you for visiting mine! I am flattered that you like this humble blog- I love yours, and I’ve been reading since my first visit to Argentina. Besos!

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