Back on the Bandwagon

Blog neglect, blog neglect!

I know I’ve let some time (ahem… months!) pass between posts here, and not from lack of topics; I was simply lacking the blogging urge. Not only did I not read any of my favorite blogs in that time, I also did not have a single desire to write anything, either on paper or screen. I didn’t even log on here to reply to your comments. Eek.

So here is my apology- I’m sorry! And here is my promise- I’ll have a post this weekend!

We are back to our regularly scheduled programming.



4 thoughts on “Back on the Bandwagon

  1. lucky you!!! i wish i could go back to my beloved country!!! I unwillingly left Argentina when i was 12 due to the economical crisis in the beginning of the 2000,we were extremelly poor and people in B.A suffered from robbery and murders for a simply wallet…that’s the sad truth

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