Trying Something New

Cetaphil, you are a nasty, sneaky little devil. You were kind of inexpensive, dermatologist recommended, and did a great job moisturizing… until I figured out your act and checked your ingredients. You are really just a jar of petroleum and products I can’t pronounce. Really, what is “acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer”? I know it’s not something I want to put on my face.

I had high hopes for you, Origins; I thought you were better than that crummy Cetaphil. You wooed me with your delicious scents and catchy names, and I let your loyal fans convince me that your pricey products would sooth my dry, irritated face while smelling like a patchouli-scented wood nymph. Though you promised you were petroleum and paraben free, I started checking your ingredients and found that you were full of synthetic materials, too! Six months later my skin is pretty much the same and I am several hundred dollars poorer.

What’s a girl to do? The cheap stuff is… well, cheap. It’s full of ingredients that are not so great for your body and pretty darn bad for the environment. The expensive stuff has slightly higher quality ingredients but ends up being over-priced hype (don’t get me started on the cult of La Mer). I used to think I needed all the soapy and creamy goodness you buy in nicely marketed tubes and jars. Now I am interested in two things: using ingredients that I can pronounce and saving a bit of money. Tired of religiously reading labels, I decided to research natural ways of caring for my skin and body. When I started reading about the alternatives, going natural seemed like the easiest way to accomplish both.

It’s the Crunchy Betty Face Wash Challenge!

I think honey is super tasty, and I love it in my tea, but I have never thought of washing my face with it. Having found out exactly how awesome it is, I decided to take part in this challenge. So, in the name of science and beauty, I will be washing my face with just honey and water and writing about the results for the next two weeks.

This isn’t about being a “hippie”. This is about making wise decisions regarding my money, my body, and the environment. This is the beginning of a better, healthier, more satisfying lifestyle. Keep checking here for my experience (my DIY page will be created shortly), and be sure to visit Crunchy Betty’s site for excellent natural, DIY tips!


2 thoughts on “Trying Something New

    • Mine, too! Today is only my second day but I am pleasantly surprised at how nice my face feels. Hopefully the honey will prevent my face from breaking out because I can’t stop touching it.

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