A Little Bit of Pig

Don’t let Argentina’s reputation for amazing beef stop you from trying some of the many available meat options. Two popular street-food choices include choripan (foreground)- a chorizo sandwich, and bondiola- grilled pork shoulder.

Gut-busting lunch at Parque Micaela Bastidas on Independence Day.

The cart we stopped at, Mama Baker, offered a completo with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, and a fried egg. The sandwiches were served on crusty, slightly dense french bread that would not dissolve from the abundance of moist ingredients. No bread, however, is capable of preventing the inevitable flow of juices down your hands and into your lap. I like to top my choripan with a spicy brown mustard, red chimichurri and a load of salsa criolla (tomato, onion, bell pepper, garlic, vinegar).

I have eaten a choripan every time we go to a park; I fear I might even be developing a Pavlovian-reaction to the squeak of swings. I normally beg Fer to split one with me as the sandwiches are ginormous and I can barely eat half, but he keeps insisting I can finish an entire sandwich. He isn’t helping me with my choripan addiction. Also, men have no regard for caloric content.


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